Dream: Are You Ready?

October 17, 2017

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was standing inside of a Church sanctuary. Someone who had been working tirelessly to complete many little tasks that needed doing walked in with certain garments in their hands for an event that was about to take place. They walked to the front pew and sat the garments down in the far right corner as if to finish up a few last minute things. I knew they would try to hurriedly dress at the last second before the occasion. All I could think about was what would happen if they ran out of time. They would not have time to dress and be ready. They had put “the work” ahead of their own personal preparation.

As I stood there considering this, I then saw a certain worship leader from a revival that took place in Alabama. She walked up from the direction of the platform toward the front pew. She was in the most beautiful wedding dress I had ever seen. It was clean, elegant and fit her perfectly, as tho it was designed just for her. She had taken the time to prepare herself. Her hair, her dress, her shoes, all the accessories, were all in place. I knew instantly she was the Bride and she was ready. She stood there only waiting now for her Groom to arrive. In this dream, I believe she represented the Church, the true Bride of Christ. Her life is wholly dedicated to Him. She has taken the time to prepare herself fully and be ready for the moment He opens the door. She prays. She fasts. She is in the Word. Everything about her life is Jesus! She lives a life of holiness to the Lord. The ministry she has comes only out of her relationship with Him.

For the past several months the story of the 10 Virgins (5 wise & 5 foolish) has been heavily on my mind. I believe the two individuals in this dream represent each side. The first person I saw had been foolish to put the work (in this case, the ministry) ahead of being prepared theirself. They had not stopped long enough to freshen up and put their own garments on. They were sweaty, in dirty clothes and they knew an event was about take place but they were so focused on other things they weren’t looking or preparing theirself for the Wedding. This specific worship leader was ready.

As the Dream continued, from the back entry, the door opened and I turned expecting to see the Groom had arrived. Instead, an Apostle that currently networks and Fathers other ministries came walking up toward the front pew with one who was his Helper. I knew this person with him was there to help him plan and carry out all that he was to accomplish. They walked up to the worship leader and the Helper said to her, “We have been looking for a place to hold this large event and we have decided we will have it here.” I understood that this was not just a regularly scheduled event but something extraordinary and special and we should have been ecstatic that this place had been chosen to host it. I knew that it was a high honor. I awoke from the dream moments later.

This last part, I’m still praying about for the full understanding but here are some thoughts on it. Before the Groom arrived, the Apostle walked in. His ministry is a blend of the Prophetic, Apostolic and Evangelistic anointings. He and the one helping him, which I believe could have represented the Holy Spirit, were looking for a place that was exactly right for what they were wanting to do. They had looked at many places before finding the one that fit their needs. Is the Church ready?

It is past time that we examine ourselves and if we’re the one that has been foolish and not taken the time to prepare ourself for His coming, that we focus our time and attention on our own readiness. Are we spending time in His presence? What does our prayer life look like? Are we reading His Word and really absorbing it? If we’re not, all the laboring that we’ve done “doing the work” will have all been in vain, if we aren’t dressed and ready to go when He comes. ┬áSelah.