The Greatness of GOD

Consider the greatness and majesty of GOD –

Who created the Universe with HIS own fingers. A Universe that to us is immeasurable and filled with an innumerable amount of galaxies (suns, planets, moons and stars) and yet HE, Who created each one of them, carefully watches over each one of our lives, keeping a continual count of the very number of hairs on our head. Who are we, who are so insignificant in comparison, that such an awesome and powerful GOD would not only keep us at the forefront of HIS mind but that HE would also continually visit with us? (Psalm 8 )

Spurgeon said this, “We gave you but a feeble image of our comparative insignificance, when we said that the glories of an extended forest would suffer no more from the fall of a single leaf, than the glories of an extended universe would suffer though the globe we tread upon, and all that it inherits, should dissolve.”

The same GOD that created the heavens and everything in them, also created YOU and you matter to HIM! He was mindful of what you would need, not only to live, but to thrive and to prosper. He watches over you continually and desires relationship with you! He wants you to succeed because your success brings HIM glory! You cannot lose when GOD is with you, because HE will not dishonor HIS own name. HE IS AN AWESOME GOD!

I love that! Be blessed today!