Is Your Light On?

Is Your Light On? If Not, It’s Time To Shine! November 18, 2017

A light bulb is made to shine, to illuminate dark places so that all can see by the light it emits but if that light bulb does not have a current of power flowing through it, it will be ineffective. It, itself will be as dark as the room it abides in.

So it is with us if we have not become empowered by the Holy Spirit. Without His power flowing through us, we are unable to complete that which He has called us to do, to be a light to a dark and fallen world, which brings glory to the Father. You may be in your designated spot but the power must be turned on.

If your life is not yet illuminated with the power and presence of God, it’s time to shine! Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit and get in pursuit of Him!

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