Lyn LaVigne

Lyn LaVigne, ordained in 1982, served in various capacities of ministry over the last 30 years as worship singer, Bible teacher, historian, pastor and missionary. In 1979, Joe and Lyn LaVigne were called to serve in missions and for over 14 years they worked in South Texas and throughout Mexico. During the 1980’s, hundreds of refugees were fed, clothed, and housed after they fled revolution in Nicaragua. Ministers of the gospel were trained, sent out and churches were built during that time. After Joe’s passing, Lyn and their daughter, Rebecca, returned to South Mississippi in 1995. Lyn earned her Master’s Degree in American and World histories at University of Texas, Pan American. She also completed some┬ápost Master’s studies.

More recently, she and Rebecca have been residing in South Alabama where they are preparing for this next phase of ministry.