The Return Of His Glory

The Return of His Glory
April 19, 2017

For the last 2 months, I have been on a quest to go deeper, to pursue the Lord like never before. This decision came on the heels of a very difficult time I was facing in my life, when absolutely everything had spun out of control. I found I couldn’t pray, I couldn’t hear His voice. Week after week, for months, I sat in intercessory prayer numb and void. I cannot honestly remember a time in my walk with the Lord that I have ever felt so disconnected and discombobulated. Then two months ago, at the word of the Lord, I laid everything down and began walking by faith, trusting Him wholly and dedicating an hour to Him every day in prayer. It wasn’t very long until everything began to shift. Suddenly, from somewhere in the press, choosing to trust God and to pursue Him, the oil began to flow. The very life of God began to flow from the inside out. I did not know that God was also bringing me back to that place of encounter where I truly met Him and where my journey began 8 years ago. Every day, the hunger for Him has increased. The desire and earnest anticipation for His expressed and manifest glory builds. It has been like a fire reigniting, like a switch being turned on. That hour with the Lord has become a constant flow throughout my days and nights. I believe that’s the place He’s wanting us all to be.

As I have been on this journey, I knew what had been happening in my life but I did not know until just two weeks ago that this same wooing that I’ve been feeling, this same intense drawing to press in for more, to dig deeper, to climb higher… is being felt by others. I’ve heard other ministers, as they preach, talk about what they are experiencing and excitement floods my spirit. We are in a season of pursuit. It is a calling to us from the Father to draw in for what I believe is going to be one of the greatest GOD encounters and greatest outpourings of all time. He is looking for those who will ascend, who will lay all the interruptions aside and come after Him.

Two nights ago, while fasting and praying, I saw something descend on 3 specific ministries. I saw an invisible force descend and completely engulf Church of His Presence. I saw it engulf The Ramp and I saw it engulf Grace Church. I saw people prostrate, on their faces, before the presence of the Lord. When I saw it, I knew the Glory (Kābôd – weightiness, heaviness) of God had descended on these ministries. I also knew that these were only 3 of many ministries that were all experiencing the same visitation. The manifest Glory of God had come again. It was an outpouring unlike anything any of us had ever known or could have ever imagined. I knew what I was seeing was happening on a massive scale. The Glory of God was not contained in each of the places. I saw workers from one ministry running to help the other. They were working together. It wasn’t about any one. The move was so intense and so large, it took everyone to carry it. The vision was only for just a brief moment but it absolutely wrecked me. I was overwhelmed and I wept. I prayed with all of my heart that the Lord would find us (our church) worthy to be a part of what He is about to do. I believe these 3 ministries represent the type of people and places, the kind of ministries He is about to pour out on. While each of them is very different in their calling, all 3 have this in common, they contend for His presence and desire for His glory to come. They have prepared themselves as a habitation for Him. There is a hunger within them and a stirring to see God come and do whatever He wants to do. I believe the time of His visitation is coming sooner than we think.

May this hunger be in us all, that we will contend for the more. May our hearts be ever ready, and may we each be found in pursuit of Him when He comes.