An Extraordinary Season

An Extraordinary Season                                                                                                                              August 8, 2017

We are in an “extraordinary” season of breakthrough! You may have pressed against resistance the enemy has sent your way til you feel “pressed out,” but KEEP GOING! Do NOT stop! There is a shifting happening. There is a moment of breakthrough, a moment of acceleration coming for those that are pressing in. Do NOT give up! Keep praying! Keep fasting! Keep believing! Keep standing! When the enemy starts whispering lies in your ear, tell him “No!” Resolve in your heart and mind you ARE going to stay your course and see it through!

Last night, as I was thinking on some things, I heard the Lord say, “Everything can change in a day.” It was like, “you’ve been waiting…. and waiting…. contending, believing, declaring…. and just when you’re about to think God has forgotten your address, SUDDENLY…. in one day… EVERYTHING can change.” The key is to keep moving! Don’t lay it all down and walk away. We are stepping out of this place we have been in and into the promise, in this season. You may have become discouraged, tired or even weary. When you think you only have 25% left, say “No! In the name of Jesus, I am going to push through this and give my best 110% to the Lord, no matter how I feel!”

Everything is right on time, right on schedule.
We ARE crossing over! We ARE entering what God has promised us!