Ezekiel, Luke & Revelation

Ezekiel, Luke & Revelation & 5 Minutes of Your Time
May 30, 2017

Last night when things got still, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Go to Ezekiel 7, I want to show you something.” So, I flipped open my Bible, prayed and began to read.

When I read through Ezekiel 7 and then to chapter 14, it records where iniquity was throughout the land of Israel, particularly in Jerusalem and abominations were taking place in the Temple. God told the Prophet Ezekiel to tell the leaders that judgement was coming. He caught Ezekiel up into a vision and showed him a Throne in Heaven, the 4 cherubim and the one dressed in linen with the ink vessel in his hand that was recording all that was taking place. Ezekiel saw the abominations that were happening and watched the glory of the Lord lift from the holy place in the Temple and go to the doorway of the Temple, then leave the doorway and hover over the city, then leave the city altogether and go to the mountain. In this vision, Ezekiel saw the one in linen mark the foreheads of those who’s hearts cried out because of the iniquity in the land and all the rest who were not marked were utterly destroyed.

As I read this, I realized I had seen something similar to this before and flipped over to Revelation 6-7 where an almost identical account is given by John as he recorded all that he saw in a vision of the end of days. He saw the same Throne, the same living creatures, the foreheads marked of the 144,000 Jews after the seals were all broken open by the Lamb that came from the midst of the Throne. As I read through the breaking of the seals in Revelation, I began to wonder who these martyrs were that were given white robes, from out of the Great Tribulation. I remembered a passage where Jesus was describing the times to come. I flipped over to Luke 21 and found Jesus telling the disciples about the seals in the end of days. In Luke 21:10, Jesus described the 2nd seal which was a war that would come, “nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom.” In 21:11, He described the 3rd seal which was famine and pestilence that would come. He then stated, “But first, before all these things, you will be persecuted.”

So what about the rapture?

In Ezekiel 14, the people had so sinned against God openly, and even the priests in secret, that He told Ezekiel, if Noah, Daniel or Job were alive today, not even their sons and daughters would be spared, only their own souls would be saved because of their righteousness.
If Ezekiel’s account of events was a foreshadowing of what is to come in the last days, I wonder if God’s statement to him in any way reflects the rapture the Church is waiting for. Could it be that only those who walk in righteousness before the Lord will be saved? Not the mediocre… not the lukewarm. Not the half lit Christians. Another reference for this, we find in the parable of the 10 virgins, waiting for the coming of the Lord, with their oil lamps. Only half had enough oil to sustain them. But that’s another message.

Another thing I found while doing word searches, in Luke 17:34, Jesus described two people in a situation, “one being taken and the other left.” I had always just read through this figuring it meant that those “taken” were raptured. However, the word “left” here means “to escape” while being “taken” comes from the verb “paralambánō” and in this instance refers to those as in Noah’s days, being taken to destruction. This same word is also used when Jesus was “taken” by the devil up to tempt Him and also refers to Jesus being “taken” to lead Him to the cross.
I sat there in utter amazement and shock as I read these passages, searching between Ezekiel, Luke and Revelation. The abominations that happened in the Temple and in Jerusalem in Ezekiel’s day, that caused the people to “separate themselves” from God and follow after other things, so angered the Lord that judgement came and it started at His house. While they were under the Law, we see the same events described in Revelation.

In Ezekiel, God lifted and removed His glory from the Temple. He literally hovered over them for a moment watching them from the doorway, and said to Ezekiel, “Look at what they are doing! You think this is the worst? Look at this over here! You think that’s even the worst? Look over there!” How could anyone not be affected by that? God was grieved! His presence departed from them. He removed His glory from His own House and then from the city altogether. He would not continue to stay where there was iniquity going on, where there was pride and no repentance.

This afternoon, my Mom shared a dream with me that she had last night and to this moment, I have not shared with her what the Lord showed me last night. (Hi, Mom!) She said she was sitting in a Church and looked on the platform and there was the worship team performing. She said she knew they were skilled because their harmony and sound was excellent but she said the anointing was not there. They continued on feeling that they were doing some excellent work for the Lord and were proud of their achievements. She said she looked around the sanctuary and those whom she knew had walked in the presence of God had left the place. The others that were there had not realized the glory had departed. She said she walked to the entry way to the sanctuary and over the door she wrote with a stick, “C H A O – ” for “Chaos” but she did not write the “S.” Shortly after she shared the dream with me, she looked up the letters she had written and they translate, “Goodbye.”
We should all walk circumspectly before the Lord. The Bible says that we should “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.” Yes, the mercy and grace of God is available to us today because of the shed blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Son. But… God is a God of righteousness and He is a God of order. He is a God of holiness. We must consider these things. We are the Temple of God, not made with human hands. We carry His Spirit within us. If we try to make Him to share space with things that are unholy, do we really think His presence will remain? I believe this also is for the physical Church.

There is a dramatic shift that is taking place. God WILL restore righteousness. He WILL restore order. Let’s consider where we stand before Him and ask Him to search our hearts, minds and lives for those things that might offend His Spirit and let’s get rid of them. I’m thankful for grace. But we have a responsibility to keep our garments washed and clean, to keep our oil lamps full and be ready when He comes. May we be counted as worthy.