Fire Class

“Fire Class” – A Word From The Lord
July 25, 2017

Months ago, while in prayer, I asked, “Lord, who are we? What’s our thing? What are we known for?” Immediately, I heard the Lord say these two words, “FIRE CLASS.” He then said, “You are tried in the fire, purified in the fire and you will carry the FIRE.”

Immediately, I understood that this was the reason many of us have encountered this difficult season we feel like we’ve been locked into. It has seemed at times like the heat has been turned up. We feel like we’ve been walking through it longer than normal and have felt more intensity and pressure than ever before. This place we have been in is not meant to destroy us but to bring a shift in our lives, that will cause us to draw into the presence of God and go deeper so that HE is our only source. It is meant to purge out the impurities in our hearts and lives, and to cause us to fully surrender and walk by faith, daily. God is raising up a people who have walked through the fire, who’ve been thoroughly tested and purified, who carry the FIRE of the Holy Ghost. They will be as firebrands, seeing the glory of God manifest in this hour.