Hearing The Sound

A Dream: “Hearing The Sound”
May 15, 2017

For the last several weeks of this journey I’ve been on with the Lord, I made up my mind I wanted to go deeper with Him. I’ve known there is more. There has been an inexplicable hunger on the inside of me that has only increased as I’ve been praying daily, fasting weekly, in what has become this full on heart pursuit of the Father. There are so many things I’ve lacked in my life and that I’ve seen lacking in the lives of so many around me. Overall, the Church has not equipped herself the way the Apostles once did, the way our own forefathers did and if the truth were told, we have been in an anemic, powerless state.

For the last few weeks, a dream that I had a number of years ago has been at the forefront of my mind and I’ve been feeling to share it. Tonight finally felt like the right time.
As the dream began, I was sitting in an office, at a computer, fully engulfed in my work. Suddenly, I heard the sound of waves crashing against a shoreline from somewhere outside and I realized I was very near the ocean. It was as tho I had been so consumed with work I had not realized how very near to the waters I was. The moment that I heard the sound, I left everything behind and ran down a hill, down a well traveled jungle path. I had at some point traveled that path so many times that I knew every dip, every chasm, every potential hazard along the way that might cause me to fall. I navigated it easily, at full pace. I ran and did not stop until I had arrived at the beach, where the sun was setting, and I stood at the water’s edge. I looked down into the waters and I saw something gold flickering in the tide. I reached down and pulled out an antique sword with a gold, elaborately decorated hilt. I looked into the waters again and saw another golden object flickering in the shallows. I reached in and pulled out an old, flint lock type, Captain’s pistol with a gold grip. Still again, I looked and saw an old book and I drew it from the waters. It was a large, leather bound, very old, Captain’s book and I understood that it contained an ancient knowledge that had been recorded long ago. Once more, I looked into the waters and I saw gold coins scattered all in the shallows where I was standing. At that point, as I collected them, I became overwhelmed by the amount of treasure that I had just found. The items I drew from the waters were old but appeared as tho they were brand new.

I pondered this dream for a while, tho parts of it, I immediately understood. The weapons that I drew from the waters were old weapons of warfare, which I believe represented prayer and intercession, empowered by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. The gold in them meant they were of value. The book contained an ancient understanding within its pages. Lastly, the gold coins, I believe represented wealth. Had I stayed behind consumed in my work and had not moved when I heard the sound of the waves, I would have missed the treasure that was there waiting. The path itself, I did not understand. I could not figure out where I was in the dream or where I was headed to. Years went by and one day as I was traveling down Hwy 98 from Mississippi to Daphne, Alabama for church, as we had then done every week for years, the Lord brought that dream to my remembrance and said, “this is the well traveled path.” What ultimately happened? I left everything behind in Mississippi to come to a place where I have been finding those hidden treasures. Just as I did in the dream, I was busy, consumed in my work life and suddenly I heard the sound. It was a stirring of the waters, waves of God’s glory. There were treasures hidden within it God wanted me to find. I believe He has that same desire for all that have a pursuing heart.

God isn’t looking for a skilled treasure hunter, He is looking for those who will hear the sound and will not stop until they have searched it out, that they may find those treasures that are hidden within. It is a choice we must make and it truly is a journey of a lifetime if we choose to go.
Do you hear the sound?