Is The Volume Too High?

Is The Volume Too High?
June 26, 2017

One Sunday morning, a few years ago now, I was first learning to operate one of the production cameras at church. With my hands on the controls and my earphones in place, my shot was lined up and service began.

Music thundered and the sounds of rejoicing roared through the building. Suddenly, I realized I could not hear Steve, the Director’s, voice. Fear gripped me for a moment as I desperately tried to figure out what I was going to do. All I could hear was all the noise going on around me in the room. I couldn’t hear Steve’s calls to line up my shots or his prompts to let me know my shot was next up. In a moment of desperation, I located the call button on my handgrip and I called to Steve, the Director, over the com and said, “Please help! I can’t hear you!” The noise in the room was so loud, I imagine I was probably yelling in that moment.

When I called out for help, I heard a faint voice come across the com telling me where the volume control was located on the camera and to turn down the house volume. When I did this, suddenly, all the noise going on around me was gone and I was able to hear Steve’s voice clearly.

As I was remembering that moment, the Lord reminded me that much like what I experienced that Sunday morning, we often times have the volume turned up from things going on all around us. So much so, at times, we can no longer hear the voice of the Lord, Who is giving us direction for our lives. We may be standing in the right place, stationed and ready for the task ahead, but unable to hear Him clearly. We may not even realize that He has given us the ability to turn OFF the noise going on around us and return to the quiet place where we can hear His voice again.

If you find that you’re currently in a similar place, God has given you the ability to turn off the clamor going on around you. You simply separate yourself away, daily, get still, and pray. It only takes a moment of taking control of what you are allowing to invade your heart and mind, to find the voice of the Lord once more.

Be encouraged! He is just a call away. Blessings to each of y’all today.