Its Time To Cast Your Net

“It’s Time To Cast Your Net”
August 4, 2017

One afternoon, when I was maybe 8 or 10 years old, my Dad took me to South Padre Island. Before we went to the beach that day, we stopped in a parking area at the Laguna Madre, on the bay side. I got out of the van with my fishing pole and lure and ran straight into the water. I was so excited! In ministry life, this was a rare occasion. My Dad looked on as I marched through the water to find my perfect spot. Several yards away from where I was standing, I saw a fish jump out of the water. I ran over there and quickly threw my line in and reeled away. A minute or so later, a few more yards in another direction, I saw a fish jump out of the water so I hurriedly ran over there, with big sloshy steps, and threw my line in where I had seen that fish. This process went on for several minutes when I heard my Dad laughing and yelling from the shore, “You can’t catch those without a net!”

December 28, 2016 (3:00PM) –
Fast forward twenty someodd years. My Dad had passed. My last Grandparent had passed and Mom and I had left everything and moved to Alabama. That day had been particularly bad. Mom and I were right in the middle of renoing our house, in what was an extremely intense time in our lives. I felt I had been faithful to God in absolutely everything and yet nothing had gone as I thought it would. I was absolutely full emotionally, maxed out to the limit.

Have you ever felt like you did everything God wanted you to do and you somehow missed Him?
All I could hear was the devil telling me we had missed it and what fools we were for coming. I thought about calling a friend but I did not want to talk to anyone. So, I drove down to Bay Front and sat at the end of the pier. As I sat there thinking and crying, I saw a mullet leap from the water. Immediately, I heard the Lord ask, “Can you catch that fish?” I said, “No, that kind can only be caught with a net.” The Lord then asked, “What kind of net do you have?” I said, “I have no net.” Then He said to me, “I have given you a net that will catch many fish. Cast it.”

I left the pier that day with some hope. The situation had not changed, but for the moment, my perspective had. I knew if He was speaking that meant He was still with me, and it was all going to be okay. I knew the Lord wasn’t talking about catching mullets, He was talking about what He had called me to do. It would still be over another month before I finally laid everything down and really began a heart pursuit of the Lord. Months of prayer and fasting followed and out of that, I began blogging. Most of what I wrote were things I was personally walking through and yet I watched God breathe on it. Something that seemed so simple and insignificant to me seemed to be touching people. That pursuit of the Lord that I began, has not stopped. It’s become the journey of my life. I’ve waited on direction from the Lord, now, for each step I should take. He is faithful to speak, and then confirm it, and confirm it again. I love that!

As we move forward, I know the time has come to think about videoing again, as we prepare for the vision and promise He gave to us in 2011. Only God knows how it will all come together and I’m good with that. I started out trying to drive the vision He had given us and I realize now, God had to completely empty me out to accomplish His perfect plan. It’s not about me. It’s not about building, “my ministry.” It’s not about having the perfect set to video in or trying to be relevant. I have reached a point if I never pick up another video camera, I’m good. It’s about my journey with Him! Totally, 1000%! Anything else is empty and worthless.

Walking by faith is not one step or two, but a lifestyle that I now believe He wants us all to live. It’s not always easy when the pressure is on, but oh, He is faithful and He will bring us out purified, strengthened and burning with a passion and zeal for Him! Things you couldn’t make happen suddenly click together so easily and doors you could not force open, suddenly swing open wide. He will take you places you could never imagine. All He asks for is your, “Yes!”

There are many of you that are right there in that same place, feeling like you’ve been waiting on Him, but He’s been waiting on you! It’s time to pursue! Start by setting aside the distractions in your life and make the time to pray. Ask the Lord to draw you. If you’re not feeling particularly hungry, ask Him to make you hungry. It’s time! Don’t let another moment pass you by!