Living A Life of Surrender

“Living A Life of Surrender”
April 10, 2017

Is our relationship with the Father built on sacrifice and surrender or on self?

When we come up against difficult situations in our lives, do we do everything we can to go around it or to manipulate it to our favor? Or do we simply surrender ourselves and like Jesus in the garden, say, “Father, not my will, but Yours be done in this situation” and be as a living sacrifice? Jesus did not want to endure what He was facing. As a man, He was subject to all of the same emotions, stresses and trials that we are today. He asked of the Father, “Please let this cup pass from Me.” But then a moment later He said, “Yet not My will but Yours be done.” He could have jumped up at any moment and said, “I quit!” Or “It’s not worth it!” Or “I refuse to go through all of this!” Yet He didn’t do any of those things. He was a servant. He surrendered His will, what He wanted, to do what the Father wanted of Him and we are called to do the same if we are going to walk with Him. Sometimes decisions we make bring us to a difficult place in our lives. Sometimes we go through trials meant to test our metal, or pressure meant to bring out the oil that is within us. In any situation, God’s grace is there to sustain us and bring us through in victory, strengthened and with deeper revelation of Who He is.

So, will we willingly release our control over our lives? Will we surrender our fight and let God take the lead? Will we trust Him?