So, What About God?

So, What About God?
May 20, 2017

Not sure He even exists? You want to see the finger print of God on man kind? Read the lineage of Jesus in Matthew 1. Hidden within the generations of Jesus Christ, we find the very heartbeat of God.

Out of all the people on the earth at that time, out of a heathen nation, God chose Abraham to start a new line of people set apart for Himself. He introduces Himself to Abram and says, “I’m God, I choose you, separate yourself apart from everything you’ve ever known, for Me. I’m going to make kings out of your descendants.” He had a head on collision with God, the Creator, and it changed his life. Out of Abraham came the nation of Israel by his grandson, Jacob.
14 generations later (about 469 years)…

God kept His promise and established David, Abraham’s great-great-great-great-great (you get the idea) grandson, as King over Israel. From David’s line, many kings followed including Solomon, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and Josiah. 14 more generations went by (about 469 more years), from the time God established David as King to the time the Children of Israel were exiled into Babylon, in King Josiah’s son’s time.

We see in the Word of God, each time Israel turned away from the Lord with evil in their hearts, trouble came. 14 generations (another 469 more years) went by while the Children of Israel lived under the rule of another empire, without a king, without a kingdom, with only priests to represent them.

Then, Jesus Christ entered. Through His life, His death and His resurrection, He caused a supernatural shift to take place, to ultimately restore the Throne of David.
This is why the Children of Israel were so excited when Jesus came on the scene, doing great signs and preaching the Kingdom. They thought He had come to restore Israel as a Kingdom, ruling and reigning, restoring the power that had been taken from them as a nation. They did not understand that the shift that Jesus had come to initiate was not concerning their present day situation with Rome. What He had come to complete was much much greater. Through His life, death and resurrection, He took back the control (authority / right ) of the physical world that Adam gave up to satan. Adam had fallen from his place with God and had fallen from his position of authority over the earth. Since the “keys” of authority over the earth were then held by the devil in the Spiritual realm, there was no way man could be restored back to God and to his rightful position without God intervening. Jesus had to come to earth in human form, as a man, and through the ordained line of kings. Since God had originally given authority to man to have dominion over the earth, it required that a man take dominion back from the enemy. That meant there had to be one righteous, a rightful heir and with the power to accomplish the task. Since no man could ever accomplish it, God sent His own Son. He lived a flesh and blood life, in righteousness, as God had intended, empowered by the Holy Spirit. He thereby re-established Kingdom authority in the earth. He taught men how to live according to the Kingdom of God, what it should look like and how to take dominion, as Adam once had in the Garden.

When that task was completed, He still had to die physically to overcome death (the curse) that had entered into the physical world at the time of Adam’s fall. The Bible says, He was beaten and bruised unmercifully, more than any other man. The Prophet Isaiah recorded Jesus’ coming nearly 700 years before Jesus’ birth, declaring, “He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes (lashes/tears in His body), we ARE healed.” The very Son of God was beaten beyond recognition and was crucified that we might be restored. Because we were deserving of death, He gave His own life in our place, as a sacrifice. Three days later, just as He said, He returned to life and walked out of His grave, in total victory! He overcame!

Just before Jesus ascended back into Heaven, He told the disciples He was leaving for a period of time to prepare a place of habitation, perfected, for those who would be restored to the Father. He said when that time of preparation was completed, He would return and gather His people to Him, those who would be willing to walk as He walked, faithfully before God, just as He had shown the disciples. And so we await His return. Through the Book of Revelation, God will begin to recompense everyone for their works, the righteous will be prepared for the marriage of the LAMB (Jesus) and those that refused to follow the Lord will be appointed to judgement. There will be a thousand year reign as recorded in Revelation 20 and finally a new Jerusalem will come down from God to a new earth, because the old has passed away and Jesus will reign on David’s Throne forever.

How could anyone turn their face from a GOD that so loved man kind, His own creation, that He would go to such lengths, depths and heights to restore us? He gave us free will to choose to love Him and to serve Him. He didn’t want drones. He wanted Sons and Daughters, a heritage of His own that would choose to be as He is. He offers us life abundant and the ability to walk in victory.
That is the GOD I live my life for, daily. He is the GOD that restores the lost and the broken. He is the GOD that involves Himself in the affairs of man, even today. He desires to be a part of our every day lives. He desires that we walk in power, as overcomers. While ever we have breath in our bodies, this life that He is offering is only one heartfelt prayer away. If we will seek Him with all of our hearts, we will find Him. He is the only way. Choose LIFE. His name is Yeshua, Messiah, Jesus Christ.