Tangled Up In Life

Tangled Up In Life                                                                                                                                July 24, 2017

While walking and praying this afternoon, I came up to our fig tree and noticed it was completely wrapped in wild vines. There were main vines that had sprouted up at the root and had gone unchecked. Smaller tentacles had grown from them and had wrapped themselves around many of the branches of the tree, all the way to the top. With so much going on, I had missed seeing it, and it had begun choking out our fruit tree. Still praying, I went back to the house and got the loppers, and cut the vines off at their source and pulled them out of the tree. I declared over each one, “you are cut off and will not choke out this tree!” I spoke life to that tree and blessed it.

Many of God’s people (we, the Church) have vines that have come up in our lives and have gone unnoticed until they have literally begun choking us out with the cares of this world. It is time to cut off the lies of the devil at their source, lies that say the situation is hopeless, that you’re sinking and not going to make it, that you will not overcome this time. Whatever the lies the enemy is speaking, I declare THEY ARE CUT OFF IN JESUS’ NAME!

Go through each of your situations, take inventory and speak to them! Declare they are cut off and begin unwrapping each one’s hold from your life. Declare the Word of the Lord over your home, over your finances, over your job, over your family, over your relationships, over your ministries! We have been given the authority. WE OVERCOME by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and by the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY! We WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE! We ARE the HEAD and NOT the tail. WE ARE ABOVE and NOT beneath. Declare today, “I WILL LIVE AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD! HE IS MY SOURCE, MY LIFE AND MY REFUGE! HE IS FAITHFUL!” Call that thing completed! Call that bank account full! Call that lost child or spouse into the Kingdom of God! Declare peace over your home or job. Take authority! Take possession! …In Jesus’ mighty name!