The Next Wave: The Coming Visitation

THE NEXT WAVE: The Coming Visitation
May 4, 2017

Many of us were there and experienced the manifest glory of God that descended on Brownsville Assembly in 1995. Something happened to us as we collided head on with the presence of God and it changed our lives forever. Once you’ve experienced a move of God like that you always are in anticipation for the next visitation, unable to ever be satisfied with the ordinary. There is always this cry deep within you that, “There MUST be MORE!” No matter how hard you try, words cannot adequately describe what happens in those times of outpouring. Man cannot plan these moves of God or conjure them up. A hungry heart seeks after God and He comes. That’s His promise in His Word.

In 2010, a younger Nathan Morris arrived at the doorsteps of CHP: Tabernacle Edition, with a Word for Pastor Kilpatrick that God would visit him again. Out of that meeting with Nathan came the Bay Revival. Many miracles and healings happened in those meetings over the next couple of years. I want to say this though, I thank God for the Bay and what God did there, but the Bay was not the visitation we have been waiting for. Nathan was a forerunner, with an announcement that the King is coming.

Concerning Kingdom life, Dr. Myles Munroe described the experience of living in the Bahamas which was a British colony. He stated that when the Queen was planning to visit the colony, she would send a forerunner to announce her arrival so they could prepare for their hour of visitation.
In this way, Nathan was a forerunner. He came and delivered the message and we saw signs following his ministry because he is a Kingdom representative. It was a taste of what’s to come but we have not yet seen what God is about to do. The hour is coming that God is going to show up again in great power and it will be greater than what we experienced before. It will be much larger, much heavier and out of it nations will be touched to the glory of God. It’s coming… He’s coming… and God is stirring the hearts of His people to dust off the altars and begin to really press into Him.
For those that have agreed to go on this pursuit to climb higher, to dig deeper and go after the Lord, I’m encouraging you to consider fasting also. The breakthroughs people are experiencing in prayer will hit another level as they are shifted into another gear with fasting and prayer. There’s more!
Let’s go after God, y’all! The tidal wave is coming.