The Secret of Praying with Power

The Secret of Praying with Power
May 12, 2017

Often times people will not pray consistently because they feel like it’s too much work and feel as tho they are talking to the air. This is why when a prayer meeting is called, very few will show up. There is a sense that it’s a lot of work with very little benefit.
The problem is not that prayer doesn’t work, the problem is that a lot of times we are praying amiss. When we use our own strength, praying our guts out from our lists instead of by Holy Spirit, we get tired, fatigued, overwhelmed and often times we give up. That happens when we pray out of our flesh.

As I learned prophetic intercession, the first thing I was taught and is the most critical, is to get quiet. If we come together and do all the talking, we can’t hear the Lord. Most times when we meet for prayer, we sit quietly, with music playing softly in the background and we wait on the Lord. Most times, it takes about an hour just to shut all the day to day stuff down in our minds, so this isn’t typically an in-and-out meeting with the Lord. Your meeting with the Lord should be regular and intentional.

As you focus your thoughts “to” the Lord and the other stuff begins to fall away, He begins to speak. It may come as a word, a picture, someone’s name or an event coming across your mind. When it’s Him, it will also come with an unction to pray over it. This time, when you pray about the thing, there is power behind your prayer. It’s effortless, because now Holy Spirit is praying through you. This is searching out the heart of God and praying His will, “…on earth as it is in Heaven.” This kind of prayer shifts atmospheres and situations change. You are literally in the Throne Room of Heaven, pulling down the will of God, as you pray by His Spirit. Now, instead of praying what feels like empty words to empty air, there is power in your words. You’re praying with authority. I must also state here, you need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to pray in this way, as is recorded in Acts 2. If you’re not sure you’ve received it, read up about it in the Word and seek the Lord for it.
I learned to pray this way corporately, but I also applied it to my own personal prayer life and have grown in my own walk with the Lord in ways I could never have imagined was possible for me. The Bible says, God is not a respecter of persons, so what is available to one is also available to another. You just have to get in a heart pursuit of the Lord and receive what He freely gives.

One thing I know, God doesn’t do half hearted. He wants our whole heart. But that time with Him is so worth every moment. Prayer meetings are never the same. Each visit with the Lord is unique and fulfills the heart. If you want to amp up your time with the Lord even more, start fasting. There is always more. We go from “glory to glory.” That is to say, there are always higher levels in our walk with the Lord to attain.

We are living in critical times and we cannot depend on others to do “for” us anymore. We need to press into the Lord for our own oil and be ignited with the fire of God. This is what the Bible speaks of in the story of the 10 Virgins with their oil lamps. 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. 5 took the time, 5 did not. I encourage each one to dedicate time each day to spend with the Lord. Talk to Him throughout your day and dedicate a certain time just for Him. If you do, it will change your life.

Blessings to each of you today.