The Trap of Offense

The Trap of Offense
May 13, 2017

There are two things that will stop up our wells, causing us to stop receiving from the Lord and will cause our wells to become dry if not addressed. Those two things are pride and offense. These are the two tactics the devil uses against God’s people the most and many times they go unrecognized. My focus today is going to be on the latter.

When we get offended, it’s like stepping into a claw trap the devil has planted along our path. Something is spoken to us, a friend or family member turns on us, accusation comes against us and it can cause an offense in us. If we do not choose to forgive, that seed of offense becomes planted in that wound and becomes a root of bitterness. It will continue to grow and manifest in our lives, in everything we say, in everything we do and it can cause collateral damage to those around us.
What does offense look like? It looks like a flash of anger hitting you when that person’s name is mentioned. It looks like regurgitating the event over and over and over in your mind and chewing on it some more instead of praying for them, forgiving and moving forward. It’s always needing someone else to know you’ve been wounded rather than allowing God to heal you. It’s when you would rather see or speak evil against them as to see God restore them because you feel they aren’t worthy of redemption. Offense will keep us from walking in the promises of God and from reaching our destiny. We MUST forgive. It is critical. We must ever seek the Lord, keeping our eyes fastened on Him. We should guard our hearts against any offense and walk in the anointing of God, lest anything should hinder us along the way.

Let every wicked, evil device the enemy stirs against you roll off. Forgive, bless, do good and keep pressing forward to the glory of His name