Two Doors To Eternity: Dream

“Two Doors to Eternity”

This morning while I was still transitioning from sleep to wake, I heard the Lord say, “A division is taking place between darkness and light. A line of separation is forming.” As I heard these words, He brought to my remembrance a dream that I had some time back.

In the dream, I saw two lines of people formed leading to two doors. One door was to my left and the other door was ahead to the right. In my mind, I understood that these were two groups of people and I knew that each person had chosen which line he/she was standing in. In this dream, I followed the people who were going through the door to the left and I was aghast at what I saw inside. Each individual who walked through that door were then led by a demon to an alter where they knelt down and extended their right arms downside up with palms exposed to a massive beast, showing their allegiance. As I watched, I understood that he could discern their hearts and their allegiance to him, whether they were truly for him or not. Those that were not were immediately sent away with other demons and were destroyed. The others lived to serve him only but ultimately their end would be the same. I then understood that once individuals entered through the doors there would be no opportunity to go back. The choice they had made would be final. I believe that this dream represents those that will be in the end times, which I also believe is our generation. God has given each of us the freedom to choose whether or not we will freely serve Him or serve ourselves. There is one of two choices we each face. One door leads to death, the other to life.

These lines are already forming. It is our choice which line we stand in and ultimately which door we will choose to walk through. The Bible says, “If serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose you this day whom you will serve.”

Which line are you standing in and which door will you walk through?