Tammie McCoy

At the young age of four, Tammie had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. As a result, she came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Growing up, Tammie wanted to know God personally but she never could seem to “get there.” It was in her late teens that she discovered a faith teacher on television, teaching the Word of God. ¬†Suddenly, she realized there was power in God’s Word and through Biblical teaching, she came to know her Father. From that moment on, she was never the same. She wanted all that God had for her. She then received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

About a year later, the Lord spoke to Tammie and called her as a Prophet. Training soon commenced and continued for some ten years under the leadership of two Apostles. Tammie served in all areas of ministry during that season. Some of those areas of training were in deliverance ministry, Davidic worship, prophetic presbytery, and team pastoral ministry. She also remodeled, built fences and laid septic lines along the way. Tammie would tell you, “I was trained the old school way. True ministry was doing what ever needed to be done. That meant I had to lay down my life, take up my cross daily, dying to myself.”

After eight years of training, Tammie was licensed and two years later was ordained into the ministry.