Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Blind Fools Pt 2

September 27, 2017 When Jesus said in Mathew 5:22, “But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire,” that means, by calling someone a fool, you are pronouncing a judgement over them as worthless and ultimately worthy […]

It’s All In Your “Yes!”

It’s All In Your “Yes!” September 13, 2017 Over the past few months I’ve talked a lot about fasting and prayer. Those two keys are essential to our life if we are to succeed and walk in authority and in […]

The Keep

THE KEEP by Lyn Mims LaVigne 08/24/2017 In days of yore, any king worthy of the trust of his subjects provided a castle for their protection during times of danger. Walls were high and thick, and strong double-gates and a […]

A Glance at Psalm 94

A Glance at Psalm 94 August 22, 2017 I usually do a lot of absorbing on my FB page and make few comments. But this morning as I was reading, my eyes fell upon lines that were so attuned to […]

The Chosen

The Chosen                                            August 22, 2017 I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what it means to be “Chosen” and what […]

It’s About Territory

Understanding Spiritual Warfare: It’s About Territory May 23, 2017 Let’s take a camping trip around the topic of our thoughts and the mind. This is the biggest area where the battles begin concerning spiritual warfare. I consider this area of […]

It’s Time To Cast Your Net

“It’s Time To Cast Your Net” August 4, 2017 One afternoon, when I was maybe 8 or 10 years old, my Dad took me to South Padre Island. Before we went to the beach that day, we stopped in a […]


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