The Redeeming Groom

December 9, 2017

After an entire day of playing in snow and watching GOD do the extraordinary, sending snow to the most unlikely places, late last night I found myself considering His ways and His goodness toward us. I found myself wanting some intimate time with Him. As I began to still my mind before the Lord and saturate myself with quiet worship, I found myself asking the Lord to teach Me, to show me what it means to be a spiritual Bride.

Immediately, out of my mouth came a prayer to the Father, thanking Him for sacrificing the thing that meant most to Him, His Son’s very life, to redeem us, to redeem me. I had taken no thought to pray that, it was as though I opened my mouth and the words came spilling out from my heart. What happened next wrecked me.

No sooner than those words came out, it was as though I was watching a scene take place. I saw a presence seated that I knew was the Father and standing just in front of Him was Jesus, Who was facing me (within the scene). There I was before them, wretched and dirty, completely unworthy to even be in their presence and yet in that moment, Jesus pointed at Me and said to His Father, “I want her as My Bride.”

The second I saw that, I became so undone. Lying there, I wept and wept and wept some more. I then heard the Lord say, “My blood is the dowry for you.” I began to repent that I had not understood the significance of what He truly has done for us. We hear it, we read about it, we even go through a certain religious motions but I think sometimes we really don’t understand.┬áThe Father wanted a family. He wanted Sons and Daughters but we were not able to walk into His presence and say, “I’m adopting myself into Your family! Following HIS own established order, HE sent HIS Son to purchase the right, paid for with His own life, to bring us into the Father’s family, as a Bride.

When Jesus spoke those words, I understood that we have to accept His dowry for us. It’s not just a matter of lip service to Him. He offers to clean us and gives us a fresh garment that is pure and white but we have to choose to accept it and then put it on. The moment that we come into that heart agreement with Him, we become His bride in waiting. It is during the wait that the Holy Spirit begins preparing us. Whatever was of us before is done away with. We are cleaned, dressed, filled with oils of His presence and become set apart for Him.

I began thinking of all the petitions of our heart that He answers and all the sweet surprises from Heaven that come our way at times and I heard the Lord say, “Those are My tokens to you that I am coming back for you.”

He said, “I have made a covenant with you and I will not break it.” I knew then, we may choose to break our commitment to Him, but His words and promises to us are sure.

As I continued to weep in the silence and stillness, I heard Him say, “When you accept My dowry, that means you are espoused to Me. That means that you are agreeing to accept all that it means to be My Bride. You are accepting My terms. You are agreeing to accept the responsibilities of being joined with Me. That means where I go, you go. That means what I say, you say. You are an extension of Me. The life that I give you is a gift beyond anything you can imagine.”

As His words settled into my heart and mind one thing was very clear. If we are going to be called by His name, His Bride in waiting, we MUST dress the part and live the part. It’s imperative. We are representing the Husband who is soon to come. This One Who is coming for His Bride is not just a random man. He is royalty. He is above all other royalty. He is THE eternal King. He is righteous and He is holy. ALL glory and honor in Heaven and on Earth belongs to Him and Him alone. We cannot take our duty as His Bride for granted or be haphazard in our ways.

As I considered these things, I heard Him say these final words, “I will come for you soon, but you MUST be ready!”