Will The People of GOD Please Rise?

Will The People of God Please Rise?                               2018 ~ Crossing Over

Here are some facts:

According to a quick Google search, a certain city I lived in for 20 years, currently has 140 Christian churches listed (I counted them).

Based on the size of the city, that would mean there are at least 2 churches per square mile. That also means there is at least 1 church for every 335 people that live here, assuming they are all Christian. Most of us have at least that many people on our personal FB pages.

If the Church as a whole, just in this one city truly was doing what it is supposed to do and Christians were truly seeking after GOD and living the way the disciples actually did in the Bible, this city would be unrecognizable. The rising crime rate would be next to nothing. Night clubs and bars would be non existent. The hospitals here would be mostly empty. Why? That’s what Jesus came here for! He came to heal, to restore, to mend, to save, to deliver and set free. Jesus equipped His 12 disciples and told them to go and equip others to do the same works He did and said they would even do greater works. He healed the sick and the lame. He cast out devils. He preached the Kingdom message which was about salvation and walking in victory and authority. If we as individuals and together corporately aren’t walking in those things, we have a massive problem.

I chose this city as an example because it’s where I currently am. The same could probably be said of most all other places. Opening more churches is not the answer. Trying to grow our ministries, adding more cool features to stay relevant and to keep members engaged is pointless if people are leaving the place just as bound as they were when they walked in the door. Instead, we need to get on our faces and start seeking the presence and power of GOD in our lives and in our churches.

Jesus said in Matthew 21:13, “My house will be called a house of prayer…”

When people pray, His presence comes and the fruit of that communion is evident. Lives are changed in ways only GOD can do!

It’s time to get passionate about what we’re doing here and get in pursuit! We are called to be mobile command units for the Kingdom of God! It’s time to fast and pray and get lit with the fire of God!